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  • Tyson introduce IPC610F acceptability standard
    2016-07-12 13:53:09
    Tyson introduce IPC610F acceptability standard for IR laser illuminator manufacturing. The relative workers join the training and get certification. This standard is a collection of visual quality acceptability requirements for electronic assemb...
  • Design of temperature control for laser diode
    2016-07-12 07:21:30
    Semiconductor laser diode(LD) is widely used in optical fiber communication, integrated optics, laser printing, gas sensing, laser beam flying, optical disc memory and many other areas. LD is very sensitive to the influence of heating effect during i...
  • New version quality procedure release
    2016-07-08 10:56:50
    The purpose of this procedure is to define and document the methodologies for material inspection and acceptance activities for IR laser illuminator in Tyson.General inspection level II, tightened inspection tables are used for the incoming inspect...
  • Tyson focus on IR laser illuminator development
    2016-07-07 05:28:03
    Tyson Technology Co., Ltd has been known for providing IR laser illuminator. This company is the high-tech business that specializes in R&D, production, quality, service and global sales in the marketing of laser products. The company design...
  • New product:808nm 1000m IR laser illuminator LL2001-0160-808CAP
    2016-07-07 05:29:19
    Congratulations! Our design team to develped the new  808nm 1000m IR laser illuminator successfully in middle of 2016 , the new 808nm 1000m price is cheaper than previous one. Beam angle zooming electrically, up to 1200 steps...
  • New product update 808nm 2000m
    2016-07-03 12:41:28
    The product IR/infrared laser illuminator LL2001-0150-808CAP 808nm 1000m upgrade to LL2002-0152-808CAP 808nm 2000m, price keep the same. Beam anglezooming electrically, up to 1200 steps Illuminationover 2000m range High reliability,lifetime...
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