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New product update 808nm 2000m

The product IR/infrared laser illuminator LL2001-0150-808CAP 808nm 1000m upgrade to LL2002-0152-808CAP 808nm 2000m, price keep the same.

Beam anglezooming electrically, up to 1200 steps
Illuminationover 2000m range
High reliability,lifetime up to 50000hrs
Compact, easy tointegrate
RS232, RS422,RS485, TTL interface optional
Negligibleoff-axis divergence,  easy to collimate with camera lens
Uniform beamintensity, speckle free
Operating state memory
Predefining position
Low heat, highefficiency                                                                      
Speed Dome,PTZ camera,Box camera, Highwaymonitoring,Display applications,Military applications

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